Finding the right CoveritLive plan is easy. Our pricing is defined by the number of User Engagement Minutes (UEMs) – that is, people actually watching your live events on your website or mobile app – you accumulate over a billing period. You decide how many UEMs you think you’ll capture and pick the appropriate pricing plan. You can automatically purchase extra UEMs as needed with preset limits and we'll manage your events accordingly. You can change your CoveritLive plan to match your usage at any time. Questions? Read our FAQs

With CoveritLive, you are in control. You set your limits. There are no surprises.

Monthly Plans:

User Engagement Minutes2,00030,000100,000
  • Unlimited Access
  • Custom Ad Integration
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Account Management
Overage Charges
(per 1000)
Social Follows135
SupportForumForum48hr email
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Why User Engagement Minutes? Engagement minutes reflect how many people are watching your event, and for how long. It encourages multimedia content. It also represents how many people are seeing ads served on the page, helping you create monetization strategies that are more relevant to a real-time medium.

How we measure an engagement minute: Every second, ScribbleLive determines how many people are on the page. UEM is the total number of minutes spent by all visitors on all pieces of content. Seconds are rounded up to the next minute.