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Monthly Plans:

Monthly PriceFree$9.99$29$49$149$299
  • SEO friendly ChannelPage
  • Custom Ad Integration
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Account Management
  • Custom Skins
Clicks Included1005001,5003,00010,00025,000
Extra ClicksNone$0.035ea.$0.03ea.$0.025ea.$0.02ea.$0.015ea.
Page ViewsUnlimited
User AccountsUnlimited
Features IncludedAPI, Twitter Features, Facebook Support, Unlimited Embeds, Mobile Support and More!
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Don't see a plan that fits your needs?

If you represent a qualified non-profit or educational institution please contact Customer Support and one of our representatives will contact you.

Why clicks? Other solutions charge based on page views or bandwidth which means you pay more the longer people stay in your event, the more media you use and every single time your blog or event is loaded on a page, even if no one reads or interacts with it. Our goal is to price based on the number of people that interact with your event which is tracked through clicks. Clicks are based on an individual’s initial interaction with the event such as clicking for live updates, commenting, voting in a poll and so on. Page views and bandwidth do not count as clicks and are unlimited.

With CoveritLive, plans are month-to-month, giving you flexibility to adjust with your use.
  • Upgrade your plan at any time
  • Pay to add extra clicks as needed
  • Downgrade for future months
  • Adjust your plan month-to-month as needed